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DSE/ VDU Risk Assessments:


Virtual  and  Standard face to face


Standard Face to face:

The assessment takes place at the users’ workstation with the user in place.

The consultant establishes, by questioning, observation and testing, answers to a 66-point questionnaire, covering Environment, Furniture, Equipment, Ergonomics and User.

A full report on the individual including comments and a global report including recommendations and copies of user sign off on training would be proffered on completion of each sector/division/ department or project.  Recommendations, if applicable, are proffered and with the user’s agreement, changes to layout and chair adjustments are made.  

Individual Training​

Training is carried out at the users’ workstation as part of the assessment process and is probably the most effective as it is on an individual basis and specifically addresses that users’ needs based on his/her occupation and functions. 

The process takes approx. 30 to 45 minutes per person/workstation.

Virtual DSE

For virtual assessments, a camera, speakers, zoom, teams, etc, on Phone or PC are required

For home users, we work with what you have, to minimize the risk of injury and make you comfortable.

An experienced VDU assessor covers our standard questionnaire, which incorporates the recent guidance for remote working, i.e. section 7, FAQs for Employers and Employees in relation to home working on a temporary basis (COVID – 19)

Our assessor spends at least an hour with each individual reviewing current set up and it’s compliance.

Training on best practice and changes to current workstation layout will be carried out under the guidance of our assessor on the day. 




Once completed, you will receive a report including actions required, recommendations and sign off sheet for each employee.

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